Chad college engagement

Chad College Engagement

The Chad School Foundation’s inaugural College Engagement Experience was held on Friday July 14, 2017 at the Foundation’s office. The purpose of this event was for staff to engage the 2017 scholars with various activities such as talks with business professionals & entrepreneurs, a college panel, and a community service activity.   

Students begin the day by engaging in activities such as connecting stories, roses and thorns. This is an activity with the sole goal of connecting the mini-stories of multiple people in an interesting way. Each person must share at least one item that connects to the others’ mini-stories. Roses and Thorns is an activity that involves speaking about one positive and one negative occurrence from the past week.   

 The Community Service activity took place at the New Community Corporation Harmony House. At NCC, the Chad Scholars had the opportunity to interact and assist with children in the community center from toddlers to Pre-K.  

Dan De Nose (Founder & Executive Director of Leaders of the 21st Century) sat down with the Chad Scholars and spoke to them about the success and challenges he encountered in college. Students got the opportunity to engage with someone who was brought up in the community and is seen as a success story by all.  

Chad Real Estate Chairperson Mr. William S. Parish, Jr. (President & CEO, NobleStrategy, LLC Strategy) spoke with the scholars about entrepreneurship and the ability and freedom to think creatively. Mr. Parrish provided the scholars with some gift items at the end of his talk.