Impact Investing - Grant Proposals


Grant Application

Each year The Chad School Foundation makes grants to  organizations providing services benefiting students enrolled in  public schools in the Greater Newark Metropolitan Area. The program is  designed within the context of the Foundation’s mission and the  guidelines for awarding grants are:

1. To provide and support educational programs which may include life-skills (flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity, and leadership) and career development opportunities for the program participants. 

2.  To provide and support opportunities that will impact the economic  circumstances of disadvantaged students from low-income communities.



Applicants  must provide services for students within the Greater Newark  Metropolitan Area, and satisfy the Foundation’s criteria.

Criteria and Priorities for Applicants 

I. Well established organizations with a proven track record providing  services benefitting students enrolled in the public schools.    

II.  Clearly and specifically aligned with the Foundation’s mission.  

III.  Have clearly defined organizational goals and measurable program outcomes. 

Program Grants

The Foundation offers Program grants in the field of  education. Requests should focus on the organization’s program or  project and how the Foundation’s funding will be used to support these  activities. A detailed program/project budget will be required outlining use of the Foundation funding. 

Application Process

Grant application period is April 1st through June 30th.  The application  process includes a Letter of Inquiry/Intent, to be completed by all  applicants, and a Complete Proposal by those requesting funding in  excess of $1,000.00.   

(a) Letter of Inquiry/Intent (LOI) – April 1 – April 30 

The applicant for a grant must first submit a letter of intent to determine  whether they fall within the Foundation’s guidelines. This letter is  very succinct and must not exceed one page. The following are the  criteria:      

         i. Provides a brief overview of the organization and its purpose       

        ii. Includes the reason for the funding request and the amount requested       

       iii. Describes the need the project intends to meet, and identifies the target population       

       iv. Provides a brief description of the project.  

If the Foundation determines that the applicant meets the requirement for funding, that organization will be directed to submit a complete  proposal. Applicants requesting funding of $1,000.00 and below will not  be required to submit a complete proposal.   

(b) The Complete Proposal – May 1 – June 30

  • A Summary – which clearly and concisely summarizes the request
  • Qualification of the organization – describes the organization and  its qualification for funding, and establishes its credibility
  • Statement of the problem – a specific problem area or need must be addressed    
  • Goals and objectives – a description of what the organization hopes to accomplish
  • Evaluation – proposals must include a plan for determining the degree to which objectives are met 
  • Budget – proposals should include a budget which clearly  identifies costs to be met by the Foundation and should outline both administrative and program costs.

Applicants will be notified about the success of their application.       

All proposals must be sent to