The Chad School Foundation


is an education policy and advocacy organization that works to uphold excellence in education by improving student outcomes for historically disadvantaged children attending public schools. Through commissioning research, convening key stakeholders and decision makers, and awarding scholarships, the Foundation leads efforts to support the academic success of students of color and to raise the expectations for student achievement in the Newark community.

Policy Roundtables

Launched in the Spring of 2011, the Roundtable  convenes policy makers, parents, researchers, school practitioners, and members of the community to review data and reports designed to improve public schools. The Roundtable takes on a particular interest in identifying and supporting best practices known to yield positive  achievement outcomes for students of color. 

The Foundation commissions writers and researchers to produce  policy papers on topics relevant to comprehensive school reform and  efforts to close the achievement gap. Papers are reviewed and discussed  by the roundtable participants during a half-day session facilitated by  the Foundation. The aim is to reach consensus on strategies that enhance  the quality of teaching and learning in traditional public schools. 

Scholarships and Awards

Since the Scholars Program inception in 2010, the Foundation has awarded over $250,000 in scholarships to local college-bound seniors. Chad’s financial assistance has made it possible for outstanding Newark-area students to attend such colleges and universities as Boston College, Howard University, University of Virginia, the Rutgers College of Engineering, and Syracuse University. The Foundation also provides scholars with mentors and assistance in finding summer internships aligned with their career aspirations.   

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